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Social Media Reunites Lost Dog With Owner

May 1, 2020

One Friday this little dog, who we came to know as Hennessy, wandered into our tech Melanie's yard. She immediately brought the dog to our hospital and found that he had bite wounds all over the body from being attacked by an animal. He did not have a microchip or collar so we had no one way of knowing who he was!

We treated him and gave him lots of love while he stayed with us desperately hoping that his owner could be contacted. We posted on our hospital's Facebook page, the Kankakee County LOST and FOUND Pets, and Lost/Found Dogs Indiana.

As luck would have it, we found his owner. Turns out, Hennessy was missing for a while and had traveled from Crown Point all the way to Grant Park! Needless to say, they were extremely happy to see each other.

If this lucky pup didn't end up in Melanie's yard, things might have turned out very differently. We hope to use this as a reminder to microchip your pet.

Accidents happen and pets go missing. Little Hennessy was wearing a collar when his owner last saw him but that was lost somewhere along the way. Ensure that they will be quickly reunited with you!

Is your pet already microchipped? Take a minute to log into their site and check that your contact information is still up to date.